Easy To Apply Title Loans in Lake Fern, FL

East Tampa Auto Title Loans

Auto title loans in Lake Fern FL are secured loans. They don’t involve a credit check like unsecured loans do; instead, you’re required to put up the title to a car you own as collateral. In effect, you’re saying if you don’t pay your loan back, you’re willing to surrender your car, which the lender will then sell to pay off your loan debt.

Car title loans in Lake Fern FL were created for people with damaged credit as a source to borrow money from in emergency situations. If you have bad credit, you know that banks will turn you down for a loan no matter what your situation is. You could have young children and be facing eviction because you were laid off from work. No bank will care if your credit score isn’t in the high 600s or above.

But if you turn to automobile title loans in Lake Fern FL in the same situation above, you’ll get a loan the same day and will be able to pay your rent.

Qualifying for Vehicle Title Loans in Lake Fern FL

Most lenders like us at East Tampa Title Loans have three criteria you have to meet to qualify for our loans.

  1. You must own a vehicle. This is perhaps the most important qualification, since we use your title to secure your loan. The vehicle must be fully paid off and the title must be in your name. You also need to have the title in your possession. If you’ve lost it, visit your local tax collector’s office to apply for a duplicate.
  2. You must be able to repay the loan. In most cases, this means having a job that pays enough to cover all your normal bills plus this loan. But if you aren’t working, we can take other forms of income, such as disability, child support and alimony.
  3. You must at least 18. Sorry, this is a state law.

If you meet each of these three requirements, you’re in!

The Application Process

You can stop by any one of our offices in the Tampa area to pick up an application. If you want to fill it out the same day you drop in, please bring these five items with you to save time:

  • The car title
  • Your driver’s license
  • Bank statements or pay stubs
  • The car registration
  • A copy of your lease or piece of mail to show address

Bringing the car with you is also a good idea, as we will have to give it a brief inspection before we can offer you a loan. If you can’t bring it in for any reason, we’ll set up a time that is convenient for you for us to visit and take a look at the car.

You aren’t limited to getting a title loans on a car. We can also create auto title loans Tampa on motorcycles, boats and RVs!

We can get you in and out, check in hand, in under an hour. Want to hear the really good news? You get to keep your car! We will only hold your title while you pay off your loan. This leaves you free to drive your car as much and as often as you want!

What are the Benefits of Choosing Title Loans?

We don’t check your credit.

Good credit, bad credit, no credit at all…it doesn’t matter to us.

We don’t require that you have a job.

You simply need some form of monthly income, even if it’s from something like unemployment, worker’s compensation or pension.

Our loans are as high as the tens of thousands.

We won’t loan you a measly one hundred dollars. Our loans are usually $1,000 and more, depending on the value of your car.

We offer flexible repayment plans.

Car title loans in Lake Fern FL have come a long way. Instead of just one lump-sum payment, we now offer installment payment plans so your payments are broken down into affordable chunks. You can keep your car. We’ll only hold onto your title.

Our interest rates are highly competitive.

We don’t belong to that class of title lender who overcharges in interest. Our interest rates are reasonable.

Our application process is quick and easy.

We don’t ask embarrassingly personal questions about your finances and we don’t make you tell us what you want to spend the money on. We believe that is your business.

Get a Quote Today!

If you’re like most of our customers, you’d like to get a sneak peek at how much money you can borrow before you visit us. That’s perfectly all right! To your right you’ll see a loan quote form. It includes a drop-down menu that asks for information about your vehicle, including its:

  • Mileage
  • Age
  • Make
  • Model
  • Body Style

Click through and on the next page will be a form for you to fill out with your basic contact information. Click again and you’ll be directed to a page with you customized quote. Our quotes are perfectly free and don’t obligate you to commit to a full application.

Once you get your quote, one of our representatives will call to say hello and offer answers to any questions you have. She will also ask if you’d like to schedule an appointment to see us and complete the application. You only have to say “yes” if you’re ready to put that money in your hands as soon as today!